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Categories of Care

Frail Elderly

The Frail Elderly care category covers those who are over 65 and suffer from reduced movement or physical disablement. This limits their ability to live independently. Fully trained nursing staff and a higher number of carers are required within a Frail Elder Care unit due to this.


Dementia is a general term that covers many different brain disorders and goes beyond what might be expected due to normal ageing. With dementia, many areas of a person’s brain can be affected. They can have problems with their memory, have a reduced attention span and have problems with communication. They may experience disorientation; such as not knowing which day of the week it is, where they are or who people are.


Respite care is a temporary stay that allows you and your carers to have a break, or to allow you to evaluate a home before deciding if you want to move in permanently.

Care at Hogganfield

There is an experienced management and care team at Hogganfield that allows us to care for a variety of conditions. They will be responsible for looking after all your day-to-day care needs and organising any external professionals who assist with any specialised care which you require.

Home Manager

The home manager will be ultimately responsible for all the aspects of care within the home. They will coordinate all of the functions of the home and will be available to assist the care team when their experience is required.

Deputy Manager

Working directly with the care teams the deputy manager provides support to the home manager and care team. They will often be providing hands-on care.


Nurses will either be Registered General Nurses (RGN) or Registered Mental Nurses (RMN) are in the home 24-hours a day providing direct care. Working closely with the senior carers they will use their training to perform more specialised tasks and dispense specific medications.

Senior Carers

Senior Carers have gone through additional training and are trained to SVQ 3 level. They are qualified to dispense medication and will often have additional specialisms. Along with the nurse on duty, they will lead and coordinate the team of carers.


Carers provide the day-to-day care needs which are required. They will be trained, or in training, at SVQ 2 or SVQ 3 level. They will work in a team with a nurse and senior carer.

Ancillary Staff

To support the activities of the care team we have the in-house provision of housekeeping, kitchen, laundry, maintenance and administration. Each team provides a vital function to ensure the highest quality of care can be provided.


Everyone who performs hands-on care at Hogganfield is a registered professional. Carers are registered with the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) and nurses with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). Our home manager is registered with the Care Inspectorate. All staff are required to be vetted by Disclosure Scotland and are required to be a member of the Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) scheme.